Wednesday, 21 October 2015

That Beast Inside.

There’s a ghost who resides in the deepest corner of our being. I announced the climax of the story too soon. But, maybe it’s not the end. That ghost perpetually owns us. The one that constantly compel us to suffer like we were not supposed to be a part of this mediocre world. We are full of insanity, anxiety and drama. If that was all, it would have been bearable to the extent of earthly competency. But, the ghost is merciless. It is poisoning us slowly and effectively. It is constantly trying to kill us with the thoughts it succeeds in seeping into our minds bringing out the worst in us. This monstrous ghost is the culprit behind our limitless tossing and turning at nights. We fear about the next sun even before the moon shows up. The guilt we carry within ourselves, even for the wrongs we didn’t do. That’s the worst part. Slowly and unknowingly, we start blaming ourselves, at every step of life. If there is anything, anything going the other way around us, we blame our own deeds(which of course we aren’t even aware of.). If our loved ones are hurt or worried for anything in the world, we blame self. Certain people don’t treat us the way we are entitled to and we end up finding flaws within us. Why? The ghost. That dwells within us. And as a lease, pays you with betrayal. How to kill that ghost? We will never know, because that beast won’t ever let us. It will always divert our mind to the thoughts that are painful. Painful enough to scar our soul with toxic feelings.

That ghost, my love, can only be killed by an external force. By another ghost who fights with your ghost and conquers your soul. It soothes your scarred and bleeding soul with it’s serum of affection. One ghost will always be the stronger one, who will overcome the other. The ghost is not killed all at once. It keeps on coming back, and the other ghost has to fight with it continuously to keep your soul at peace and when you come to possess that other ghost, that my dear, is the climax. But, not to be mistaken for the end. It is the beginning of a beautiful, placid life.