Monday, 7 December 2015

Distance doesn't matter?

“Distance simply means separation in place but never in connections. Heart remains inseparable.” - DhelChen

This is one of the many random quotes I get to read on the internet and everywhere else every other day. And that’s one of the schools I completely disagree with. Distance between two people means much more than separation in place. Though the heart remains inseparable, distance is of no help. Distance never increases the love they claim to. I have heard nearly thousands of time that distance makes you long for the person you love, and makes the love stronger. Who in the world came up with this theory? Whoever, it may have been, had been a naive. I completely disagree of any thread that connects longing and better love. Of the many things, what I know of, Distance creates sadness and madness. Longing is nothing but a dagger slowly making its way through the heart. And those who say, it doesn’t hurt, they are lying. But do you really need to do so? To lie, to tell people that your love is beyond distance and all? Is it wrong and selfish to confess that you just cannot do without the person you love? If yes, why do always need to say god things to prove your love? Love should be honest. Brutually, may it be.  

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder, doesn’t it? “  - Simon Van

No, it doesn’t. It just makes the heart weak and all the bad things. It makes the heart to suffer at the core. There is no excuse good enough to justify absence once you vow to be on someone’s side. Absence is a slow poison if not worse than that.
Talking of my personal experiences, I have been married for almost a year now. And most of the times we have stayed apart. Sometimes, for me, the other times, him, and for the remaining, both of us. But of all those times, I can only conclude one thing – IT NEVER HELPED. The only time I can now recall and cherish is the little time we spent together. Every other time minus him is an arrow striking exactly at the middle of the heart. Distance has no role to play in the beautiful relationship we share. We built it brick by brick in the times we had been together, along with flesh and bones. At any cost, I would not accept if one says that our love had not been strong enough to survive the distance. It did survive, but it was always felt caged and that’s where it makes all the difference. It isn't supposed to be suffering like this. I can indeed breathe without him, but living a life is just another thing. No castles and comforts can keep me happy away from him. Not a day, not a moment. Now I know why they call it “Life-Partners”.
Without your fellow traveller, the roads seem to be never ending and your legs feeble. The whole idea of distance and love going together is nothing but an excuse, a lie, which one keeps telling himself again and again. Happiness and distance can never go hand in hand. One’s memory can never make up for the touch one longs for. Kissing a picture can never be as fulfilling as holding the person in your arms. Nothing in the world and beyond can make up for it.

Love is being together. Any contradiction is a lie.