Wednesday, 16 December 2015


How important is it to impress someone? Yes, most of the times the answer that comes out of the vocal chords is “Not at all!”. But the answer that gets stuck somewhere in the middle is “We do it all the time.” That’s true. People try all the time to impress people they want in their life. Shouldn’t it be the other way? Why would we impress someone we want to be close to? That person you are impressing with all the things you are not, have the utmost right to know the raw you. And you have all the right in the world to be accepted and loved the way you naturally are without any artificial varnishing. We need someone who accepts the way we are, too afraid or too outgoing, whatever! Impressing a person with what you are not will make it further complicated. And further and further. Nice impressions can help you get a person, but what about keeping them? Will you always keep on acting what you are not? You just lost yourself in that case.
To impress or not to impress that is the question. I do not have any concrete answers but a few valid and scattered thoughts which revolve around the discussion of impressions. You impress when you are on a job interview, you impress when the engagement is short and temporary, you impress when maybe you are meeting an aunt from another country whom you will hardly encounter a few times in your life and other purely professional occasions. Impressions shouldn’t have anything to do at the personal front. Wearing an expensive designer outfit with perfectly done hair and a beautifully made up face, impressing someone with whom you will wake up in the morning all your life with nest like hair is a complete misapplication.
You can’t act perfect all the time. People know, (if not, they should) that if they are looking for perfection they are looking for the wrong thing altogether. I don’t think people fall for perfections, they fall for imperfections. Perfection is self sufficient; it’s the imperfect that needs the other to complete what it lacks and to soothe the itch that the imperfect places in one’s being cause.

Impressions should be saved for the right people and places. It’s not for the people closest to your heart. Feel free to be wild with them. Shout when you want to, be angry, be stubborn, and share your unaltered thoughts. 

Love immensely, not impressively.