Saturday, 10 October 2015

Of Innocence and the other.


So, I came across this wonderful kid at the mall today. She made my day. Should I be guilty that for once I felt like stealing her? It shouldn’t be a felony to do so, when the kid at stake is too cute that you can keep her safe and love her whenever you feel the world is not going right. In a terse, always. Okay, gone too far. May she be safe from people with thoughts like me and worse for that matter. Amen. This graceful lady, with a bag slung on her shoulder, going through the racks, to find something to stuff her bag with, immediately grabbed my attention and love. Without caring in the world about the prices and the social acceptability of the brands she is going to shop for. It would have been much easier if we grownups learnt from her, isn’t it? We as humans are evolving into some brand conscious object-oriented creatures. We shop for branded things. Okay, that’s fine, no offence intended. But things go far when we look for people who are branded. When the imported watch appeals us more to spend time with the person than the warmth they are capable of bestowing. When we try to explain the temperament of a third person, we use terms like, “Oh, He owns a Rolex!” So? Why don’t we say, he is helping and caring? Consumerism has consumed our humanity to terrifying levels and the ‘RayBans’ hinder our sight to the inexorable actuality. We go to the malls, buy super expensive stuff. Bargaining? Oh! What about our standards? We are sophisticated high-class people. But, the moment we step out of the malls and take a rickshaw which is driven by a poor man to garner the basic need of food, clothing and shelter for his family, the fare is always open to negotiation until he agrees with the lowest. I am not criticizing, but stating the obvious. Knowingly or unknowingly we all happen to practice this. The lifestyles we follow these days include this without demanding any highlights. International brands are preferred no matter at what cost. Most exemplary of the local manufactured things are rejected because they don’t have the appeal that international tags offer. Let’s just be realistic and pick the things we really like instead of the things we would be liked for. And let’s help those who cannot afford the base of needs. Maybe, we can be a little human too? Let’s just try.

Well, this adorable child. While loitering around, I, along with my friend, again happened to spot her. This time, she was busy with stuffing something into her bag. Sitting, her bag on the ground. Innocence owns hearts!