Friday, 9 October 2015


That man. I hardly knew a year before. Means the world to me. One might think I am having a roller coaster attack. But no. It’s perpetual, everlasting. Than anything that had ever been. To me at the least. From many years ago, I knew he was breathing, somewhere in the world but with no chords attached. He was aware of my existence too, but why would he care? But then, the destiny written fifty thousand years ago, greeted us. Suddenly. Happily. Forever. I surely had dreams of the ‘one’ but never dreamt that it would materialize this soon. Things you wait for usually takes too much time to come to you, isn’t it? However, there are miracles you never believed in. Though I doubt he would have ever imagined in his wildest of dreams that he would get this crazy, moonstruck and muddled girl. We clicked. There were bad things, but they don’t deserve to be in my history book. Not the one written by me. It’s going to be all happy. Now that it’s him. Now that it’s us. I am generally not an angry person, even if I am, I keep it to myself making it unbearable and finally getting rid of through salty tears. But now, there’s nothing I can keep to myself, not that I want to. Because “HIM”. He is the reason I am writing without caring about the grammar. The reason I can finally cry in someone’s presence. Veritably, my tears have come down to a surprising level. Because, I know my tears are not just salty water. Not to him. He makes me angry. A lot. Because I feel I have a certain right to act my heart with him. If not him, then who else? I secretly hope him to know that and I secretly assume that he knows. People maybe dreaming of BMW and Mercedes but there is nothing in the world for me which compares to a bike ride with him. To a third person, it all may seem to be a mere exaggeration, they are no one but naive to me. They can never know how doting a person can be. They don’t know him. I know him. Ah! How proud I am of my monopoly over him. What else do you want? A person, who belongs solely to you, no sharing. Yes, I am selfish. When it comes to certain people, especially him. And, when it comes to certain things having to do with them, especially with him. Yes. I am that much in love. He may not stud me with diamonds, but the way he looks at me, his eyes, Priceless. Most of the times, or just say, always, I am chaotic. It takes me ten minutes at least to decide between tea/coffee and twenty to decide if I want it hot or iced. I am that type of person. But, there is one thing I know concrete. I want him. It’s not just my madness, it’s the way he is. Incomparable. Unparallelled. Simply, the superlative.