Wednesday, 7 October 2015

“You”: The North Star

The sun refused to peep through the clouds, thick fog reigned the December morning. But she was too numb to feel the cold. Normally, the fog would make her wrap herself in layers of colorful blankets along with her cocoa supplies. But it was no more the way it used to be. The blankets remained folded in the upper chest of her wooden shelf. She was there in the corner of her room, curled up in the lap of the cold floor and the wall. Her big round eyes betrayed her as they sank into sleep tired of crying and remembering the day. The day he left.
Yes, he left. Quietly. That queer quietness raised the storm in her soul. But, wasn’t it for the best? Of course, it was! How could a person tangled in his own complications ever solve the mystery of her being? How could someone who was lost terribly among the worldly pleasures ever decorate her soul? But, how was she supposed to console her heart? Her little damaged heart.
Her sky thundered as she saw him leave. No, he didn’t turn back to look at her one last time. Someone, his someone, was waiting for him on the other side of the road. He left. The rain could barely hide her tears. The gardens of her being embraced autumn, she desired no more springs because when the flowers wilt, the pain becomes inextricable. She loved the empty barren lands with the scent of memories they made together.
Why is it that people leave? Didn’t they say forever? Why do they leave with so many unanswered questions?

They leave because they were never meant to stay. They are too weak to handle your fragile heart. They were never a way, but always a hindrance. A barrier between you and all those things you are actually meant to love. Look around; see the sky which you hardly noticed when they were with you. Feel the wind; it embraced you when no one did. The fragrance around you is calling you to diffuse with them. Go to the river at the dawn, it will not lie. Face the sun; get hold of the brighter side of your being. Whenever there is darkness, remind yourself that the stars are what you belong to. Sparkle.